P-61 up on it’s legs

Greetings!  Getting close to finishing a model this year – early!

The P-61 is decaled, up on it’s legs, and the props are on.  Looking like a P-61!

I used a set of True Detail wheels and they look pretty good.  I got to use my drill press to make sure the holes were straight for the axles.

I also used Kitsworld decals, the “Night Takeoff” is only on this sheet and I have a F-84 to build next with the same “Night Takeoff” pin-up.  My only issue is the decals come with nose art and serial numbers only.  Of course the decals that came with this kit of yesteryear cracked up the minute they released from the paper.  It would have been nice to have a whole set of insignia on the sheet for the cost.  Since the national insignia is non-standard small for this aircraft I wound up using a set from a 1/72 F6F in the spares box.

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Using salt for the paint chipping didn’t come out too bad, although next time I think I will be a bit more conscious about where I put it.  I got the random effect I was looking for and the props look great but is seemed like a bit too much.  And maybe I’ll use a shinier silver paint as the aluminium I used looks almost white in some spots.

Next up, exhaust stains then an overall coat of Testors Dullcoat, then put the rest of the parts on and it’s off to decal the Bf-109e I am building concurrently.