P-61 is complete – first kit of 2015


Actually this should have been the last kit of 2014.  I’ve been working on this kit since August of last year with a long period over the late summer and early fall where it sat idle.

I bought this kit on eBay many moons ago and I found a couple of parts missing.  I’m not saying the seller lost them as this kit has been rattling around in my stash in a rough box without plastic bags for years.  But I had to fabricate one of the small flaps from scratch.

On this kit I used or tried the following (* = first time);

  • *All black camo (I think I painted a P-38 all black in my youth)
  • *Using salt to create paint chipping
  • *Loan Star Models resin cockpit
  • True details wheels
  • *Scalecoat and True-color paints
  • Rescribed the whole thing (resribeaholic)
  • *Kitsworld decals

I can’t believe how big this thing is on my shelf, and putting it next to the Bf-109e I am building really shows it’s size.  It would barely fit in my paint booth.

I wanted to have a Black Widow since I first saw one as a kid.  Great modeling experience – I am satisfied with the result.

IMG_1364  IMG_1365  IMG_1366  IMG_1367


P-61 ready for finishing

The black is on and it turned out pretty good.  The first few salt chips that came off made the chips look more white rather than silver and that had me worried but once I got it all off I’m pretty pleased with a first attempt at salt chipping.  The thing I was most worried about, it would look overdone, didn’t happen.

The process I used to paint it were;

  • I used the Tru-color black as my base coat (see previous post).  It seemed the blackest
  • Sprayed random patches of Scalecoat engine black.  This color was slightly less black and added some differentiation
  • Highlighted the panel lines with Scalecoat loco black (darkest black)
  • Sprayed random swipes of Floquil grimy black along the airflow to breakup the black and provide weathering

Next I am going to future, decal, and touch up some of the non-black areas that may have been oversprayed.

Here are some shots;


P-61 turned to the dark side

I got the first coat of black on the P-61.

I’ve been playing around with my black paint stocks to try and determine what color of black to use on the model and I’ll probably use all five of these in some fashion.  I really miss my floquil engine and weathered black but these substitutes look promising.

I have a bunch of other models in the queue that will be black as well so this is worth a shot at understanding black.  Here they are;BlacksThe photo is a bit fuzzy, hard to focus the camera on an all black subject!

I’m going to use the tru-color black for the base coat then use the next three for highlights and breaking up the solid black color.  At the end, I’ll streak the model with grimy black to give it a true weathered look.

Here are a couple of shots.  That aircraft is really black!

IMG_1344   IMG_1342

Note that the salt chipping discussed in a previous post is starting to come off.  I’m not sure I like the results yet but I’ll wait until all of the black is on the clean it off and see what it looks like.  Doesn’t look shiny silver enough!


Happy New Year!