Constitution Main Lower Shrouds are done – time for ratlines

The main mast shrouds are done.  Time for the task of adding ratline (these are the footrope the sailors used to climb aloft).

Here a shot of the shrouds (note part of the stash in the background).  This equals 16 pair of deadeyes

main mast rattle 2

Next is how we rattle the shrouds.  I have a piece if paper marked with equal lines I please behind the shrouds to line up the ratlines.

There are two ways to put the ratlines on; bring them across the shrouds and tie a clove hitch at each shroud, or the quick way I do them with a needle and thread.  This goes a lot faster for me.

main mast rattle 1

After they are done cut the loops on the end and make sure they are straight and the shrouds are aligned and a drop of super glue on the ends, trim up and it looks great!