Constitution Main Lower Shrouds are done – time for ratlines

The main mast shrouds are done.  Time for the task of adding ratline (these are the footrope the sailors used to climb aloft).

Here a shot of the shrouds (note part of the stash in the background).  This equals 16 pair of deadeyes

main mast rattle 2

Next is how we rattle the shrouds.  I have a piece if paper marked with equal lines I please behind the shrouds to line up the ratlines.

There are two ways to put the ratlines on; bring them across the shrouds and tie a clove hitch at each shroud, or the quick way I do them with a needle and thread.  This goes a lot faster for me.

main mast rattle 1

After they are done cut the loops on the end and make sure they are straight and the shrouds are aligned and a drop of super glue on the ends, trim up and it looks great!


Constitution Mainmast Shrouds

Stepped off the airplane circuit for a bit while I continue to rig my Revell 1/96 constitution.

If you’ve built one of these Revell wonders in the past you will remember that the shrouds and ratlines come to you in the kit prepackaged.  You cut them on a pattern and tie them to a set of plastic deadeyes that resemble the real thing as shown here in a previously built Revell Cutty Sark.

cutty deadeyes

The plastic stuff wasn’t going to be good enough for the Constitution.

I’m rigging the main mast shrouds.  I previously installed the lower set of deadeyes when I assembled the hull.

Unlike model airplane building this involves hours of repeated tasks.  There are 16 individual pairs of deadeyes and each one rigged to a shroud requires two siezings (wrapping thread around the strand to hold them together) and running the thread through the deadeyes to pull down the shroud.  Over and over again!

deadeye1  deadeye3

But the results can be worth it and shown in the foremast shrouds completed here.


Half way done with the mainmast, then I get to rattle them all down, rig a few stays, and onto the Mizzen Mast!