That’s the number of kits I have on the model shelves.

I needed to condense the models on the shelves so that I could get more on them.  They were also sharing the space with a lot of cat fur and dust so I decided to take the slew of them down, clean them and the shelves, and put them back on the shelves.

I took these photos of the lot parked on the dining room table, cleaned waiting for clean shelves.  I was happy didn’t need to toss any of them.

I built these over about 12 years.  I have one in here that is about 25 years old and a complete set of Monogram 1/48 Century Series fighters.

ProModeler F4U-5N (Korean night fighter)

The F4U-5N is done and on the shelf!  Finished up her landing gear and stores last night and antenna and a few last tweeks tonight.

What did I learn from this build?

  • Dialed back the salt weathering a bit on this and it doesn’t look bad
  • Used micromask and salt paint chipping on one of the fuel tanks to look like it’s lost a lot of paint and that turned out well
  • Used one color engine black paint and with weathering the color looks pretty good.  I used a multi-black approach on the P-61 earlier and I think the single color did okay
  • I discovers that a raw umber wash on flat black doesn’t show up
  • I tried a white oil paint wash to lighten up the upper surfaces and sun fade the topsides and after the Testor’s Dullcoat it turned out okay
  • Don’t use the really runny super glue straight from the bottle 🙂  I tried to quickly fix the antenna and the glue ran down the side of the airplane, requiring a quick paint touch up!

Here are some finished shots for my 5th model this year.  Getting a bit behind the two models a month quest!

IMG_0598   IMG_0601   IMG_0600   IMG_0605   IMG_0607   IMG_0603   IMG_0602


ProModeler F4U-5N in final stages

Gosh it’s been awhile since I posted.  I’ve been working steadily on the F4U, sometimes only 30 minutes at a shot but I am making progress (and on the Kingfisher too!).

After painting it black I put a couple of coats of Future on the kit in preparation for decals.  I usually hand brush the Future since I haven’t had good results with the airbrush.  Maybe someday I’ll get that process down but the hand brushing seems to work, I just have to make sure I work the bubbles out of the coat.  Time for  the decals..


IMG_0469    IMG_0468

After putting on the decals it was time to grub it up a bit.  This time I worked in three filter washes.  First was my usual wash of raw umber thinned down and coated over most of the aircraft.  I’m not sure what effect it has on an all black aircraft as it wasn’t as apparent as it usually is.

Next I applied a couple of shade of blue and did a dot wash.  This is where you take a dot of oil paint (just the touch of a toothpick) and then use a brush filled with thinner to spread it around in just one are of the model.  The idea is to break up the monotone color.  I just used blue this time to kind of blue up the black paint.

Finally I have been pondering how to get a faded look for an aircraft that spent a lot of time sitting in the sun.  I used my oil filter wash by putting some streaks of white oil pint on the kit and then gradually spreading it out and removing some with a thinner soaked brush.  The idea was to streak wash the kit so it not only faded but had the effect of weather running down the sides.  The photo look like I did too much but as you will see when I finish with pastels and overcoat the effect is more subtle.

IMG_0578   IMG_0581


The it was time for pastels.  Various shades of grey from a dark charcoal to a light great were applied randomly around the frame.  I also used a few shades of brown along where pilots and mechanics would walk, as well as around the lower part of the aircraft subject to ground dirt.

IMG_0583   IMG_0582


Last a coat of Testors Dullcoat, which does a good job of darkening and dampening down the effects of the weathering a bit.

IMG_0588   IMG_0589

And here she is waiting for the final attachment of sub assemblies.


Back in black

I haven’t posted for a bit.  I’ve been busy with many of the other spare time hats I wear and kind of fell of the attempt to build two kits per month.  Here is is the end of April and I’ve only popped out four kits and the two I’ve been working on get a little attention here and there.

I’m in the painting stage of my F4U-5N.  This is going into a Korean bird all black camouflage.  I bought the Montex set to do this with red markings but that’s a Navy bird and since the son is in the Marines I’ve decided to do the Marine markings on the Eagle Strike Corsairs over Korea Part 1.

ES 48222

I am trying the salt paint chipping strategy on this one.  I used it previously on a P-61 I painted all black (see earlier posts) but felt I over did it.  We are trying to be more subtle this time.

I painted the plane Floquil Bright Silver as a base.  Last time I used a duller Aluminium and it didn’t show as well so we will see how well the bright color work.  Then salt is then applied by putting water with a drop of detergent down in key spot, shake salt on it, and  carefully move the salt around and with a small brush.  Where the salt went down heavy I knock a bunch off as opposed to leaving it like I did on the P-61.

IMG_0427 IMG_0426

Next a lot of black spraying.  I used Scalecoat Engine Black and it went on very well.  This paint is supposed to be a Floquil replacement for railroad modelers and I like the way it performed tonight.  Here are a few shots of the finished paint on the kit.

IMG_0436 IMG_0438

In a couple of spots I have knocked off the salt to see what it look like.

IMG_0440 IMG_0434

And finally, when your all done and the airbrush is cleaned, now is the time to find out you missed the back of the bird.  I’ll have to fire up the black blaster the next session.


Progress on the 1/48 Navy builds

Been making some progress on the 1/48 Kingfisher and F4U-5N.  The -5N is all sealed up and I’ve started to test fit the wing to the fuselage.  I suspect that this one will be ready for painting all too quickly.  I’m already starting to geek out on how to paint and weather her all black.

IMG_0328 IMG_0351 IMG_0354

I love using the MEK for my cement but it has a tendency to get away.  Not shown here but oddly one of my eye brow hairs got loose on the model and when I applied the MEK it somehow wicked along the hair on the wing leaving me something else to sand smooth.  Never have I…

I really like the engineering and fit of the F4U.  It’s a ProModeler kit (I’m almost sure it Hasegawa) and it’s the second PM kit I’ve built this year and both have been outstanding builds.  This one has a few more ejection marks in bad places but the fit has so far been great

That said, I’m also completing the inside of the Kingfisher.  Best part is that the wings are already mounted so when I glue the fuselage together it will almost be ready for painting as well.  I’m already thinking about what kind of base would look good for this; catapult, in the water, or a 1/2 ramp-1/2 water on dollies looking like it’s half out of water.  Hmm…  One of the best parts of modeling is the planning; shaking the box, thinking about building, planning and replanning the markings (what kind of decals can I get), do I put it on a base or not, etc.  I think I spend more time thinking than building, but I’m trying to change that this year!

 IMG_0326  IMG_0324  IMG_0325

As you can see by the last photo I am scratch building the life raft structure into the behind the cockpit area.  The Lone Star resin set adds so much to this old Monogram kit.

The tail of two cockpits continues

After a couple of days off I went back to work on the ProModeler F4U-5N and Monogram Kingfisher cockpits.

The F4U kit comes with two instrument decals for it’s instrument panel.  I don’t think I’ve seen this done before where you paint the panel black and apply just the white highlights in a decal.  Here is a shot of the other (non-radar) panel decals.


I took the other copy and, using my trusty Waldron punch set, knocked out each instrument and applied them individually to the panel.  Seem to look okay and was better than painting them but might still be lacking that little something.



We’ll have to see how it looks inside the plane.

Started weathering both cockpits; applying a raw umber wash and once dry tomorrow they’ll get pastels and dry brushing.  Looking forward to sealing both kit’s fuselages up as I think the builds will go really fast after that.  (Note the painted kingfisher panel for a different look than the decals!)

IMG_0312 IMG_0313


Cockpit Painting for two

The simultaneous build of two kits continues with joint cockpit painting.  Both kits, a Monogram kingfisher, and a ProModeler F4U-5N, have about the same colors so I am creating them together, like painting one big cockpit.

When I do cockpits I use a ton of colors.  This tries to break up a monotone interior greens into some subtle variation that add eye candy to an otherwise drab hole in the aircraft.  Might not be extreemly factual but it looks good to me.  The thing that gets me is all of the colors I use, from all different brands.


The F4U cockpit is a true details set.  I’ve had to be careful because I skipped the step where you wash the resin mold release off and I’ve had a few bits of paint flak off that will need repair later.  I haven’t painted the instruments yet because the ProModeler kit comes with a nice set of instrument decals that I will work with later.


The Kingfisher is so wide open that I’ve had a lot of painting inside the open cockpit.  The Lone Star cockpit set is pretty good and I’ve been slowly working it along a little dab of color at a time.  Both cockpit should be ready for a wash and highlighting tomorrow.  I think once they are done the building part should go pretty quick.  These two are my two March kits and I am a bit behind my goal of two per month.

IMG_0304  IMG_0306

And just a last note; I’ve had this Kingfisher kit since longer than I can remember.  The fact Lone Star made a cockpit for it finally inspired me to do it.  And yesterday I read the announcement of a new tool Kingfisher due out later this year.  Oh well, ya pays your money….

ProModeler F4U-5N

While I let the final coat of Future cure on my Kinetic F-21 and the milliput putty to harden on the Kingfisher I thought I’d open up the next kit I will add, a ProModeler F4U-5N.  I’m not sure what set of molds these came from but they don’t look like Tamiya so I am assuming Hasegawa.  Out of the box the sprues look to have pretty nice detail and this should look good out of the box.

IMG_0262  IMG_0264  IMG_0266

IMG_0268  IMG_0269

IMG_0272  IMG_0274  IMG_0267

I plan to use the True Detail set for the cockpit, although the one on the kit doesn’t look too bad.


I plan on using the Aeromaster markings for an all black Marine nightfighter!  It will add another black aircraft to the collection.