Monogram TBD-1 Raw Bits

Another old Monogram kit.  I just joined the Monogram group on facebook and wanted to post a few pictures of Monogram kits I have built.  It was then I  realized just how many Monogram kits I have built, recently.  I built ALL of the 1/48 Century series, F-4, F4U-5, P-61, Fw-190, Bf-110 and the list goes on.  I love all of the new high tech kits, they have the detail we only dreamed of 40 years ago, but sitting down with one of the classics is still good.

I started the TBD-1.  Although the detail is not anywhere near the crisp detail of today it’s not too bad, and the kit is engineered to go together pretty well.  I was impressed cleaning up parts for painting that there were very few ejector marks on the visible area I neede to account for.  Pretty clean kit.

It’s going to be a little challenge getting around the rivets and corrugated wing relief but that’s the fun of building an old kit from the box.

Here are a few shots of the kit.


Boys in Blue

NEXT!  They always told us not to say that to the next customer waiting at the airport as it made it seem like a fast food place.

But anyhow, Huey is finished its time to move on to the next project while the fire is in the belly.  I’ve been waiting to tryout a set of Vallejo US Navy colors my son bought me for Christmas and am opening up the Tamiya Birdcage Corsair and a bagged Monogram TBD-1.

The plan at this point is to build the TBD-1 out of the box.  I still need to purchase a set of decals for it but I see the Starfighter decals are available in places including eBay

The Corsair will be off of the Owl Decals Marine night fighters.  I have fallen in love with Owl Decals and have used them in a number of previous night fighter projects.  You can find those looking through my earlier blogs.

I’ll build it using the True Details cockpit detail set.

This Corsair kit has a bit of history.  Many years ago my wonderful daughter was 3 years old when she figured out how to get into daddy’s model display.  I know she knew how much I liked the models I built and wanted to play with them too.   It took me a few minutes to realize that what I heard was the sound of breaking styrene.  When I break a model I always say “They started out in pieces, we are just helping them return to their natural state”  I just had help this time

She got the Tamiya Fw-190A3, the Hasegawa F-14, and the Tamiya Corsair.  I have now built another Fw-190, this is the Corsair replacement (after 16 years), and the Tomcat is on the to do pile.  Then there will be harmony again in the styrene world.

I spent most of the weekend working around the house and the time I did get to work on the kits was sawing detail pieces out of resin blocks.  I was reminded that when I  was young I could have put the whole kit together in the time it takes me to prep a set of resin and etch for a kit.