Kingfisher hits the shelf

The Kingfisher is done!  I’ve been working on this build since March 15th and it is nice to see how well it turned out.  I built one of these as a kid (I built ALL of the Monogram 1/4″ kits in my youth) so this  was fun.  I actually still have another bagged one to donate to some kid in the future.

I used the Lone Star Cockpit for this build and it was a pretty good fit.  Lots of additional plastic butchering needed to be done to use it but the results were worthy.

I additional I learned ;

  • using clear resin to model water
  • more brass soldering (the boarding ramp structure was soldered together – had a really hard time until I used guide wire to hold it all together)
  • don’t drop an open bottle of Steel Model Master paint on your shoes

Here are some shots

IMG_0913 IMG_0914 IMG_0915 IMG_0919

Now on to completing the Bf-110s.

Progress on the 1/48 Navy builds

Been making some progress on the 1/48 Kingfisher and F4U-5N.  The -5N is all sealed up and I’ve started to test fit the wing to the fuselage.  I suspect that this one will be ready for painting all too quickly.  I’m already starting to geek out on how to paint and weather her all black.

IMG_0328 IMG_0351 IMG_0354

I love using the MEK for my cement but it has a tendency to get away.  Not shown here but oddly one of my eye brow hairs got loose on the model and when I applied the MEK it somehow wicked along the hair on the wing leaving me something else to sand smooth.  Never have I…

I really like the engineering and fit of the F4U.  It’s a ProModeler kit (I’m almost sure it Hasegawa) and it’s the second PM kit I’ve built this year and both have been outstanding builds.  This one has a few more ejection marks in bad places but the fit has so far been great

That said, I’m also completing the inside of the Kingfisher.  Best part is that the wings are already mounted so when I glue the fuselage together it will almost be ready for painting as well.  I’m already thinking about what kind of base would look good for this; catapult, in the water, or a 1/2 ramp-1/2 water on dollies looking like it’s half out of water.  Hmm…  One of the best parts of modeling is the planning; shaking the box, thinking about building, planning and replanning the markings (what kind of decals can I get), do I put it on a base or not, etc.  I think I spend more time thinking than building, but I’m trying to change that this year!

 IMG_0326  IMG_0324  IMG_0325

As you can see by the last photo I am scratch building the life raft structure into the behind the cockpit area.  The Lone Star resin set adds so much to this old Monogram kit.

Models on the move

Was able to cut the wing of the kingfisher in half tonight and I am setting up the guide that will keep the other 1/2 of a wing in straight once I epoxy it in over the weekend.  Looking forward to painting and putting resin into the cockpit.  The Lone Star set looks really nice and it should look great once I get it into the kit and painted up.

IMG_0255 IMG_0256

I also am making slow but gradual process on the F-21.  I am adding all of the stencils and the decal count on this goes up to 90 or so with some decals occurring in multiples.  I’m up to 27 now after a couple of quick evenings of decaling.

IMG_0258 IMG_0257

I didn’t use to put ALL of the stencils on the kits but lately I think they busy up the model and give it character.  Something to capture the attention of the eyes (and keep them off my subtle mistakes!)

Monogram OS2U Kingfisher

While I am starting to decal the F-21 I have started on the next build, an old Monogram Kingfisher.

This kit comes out of a box I must have bought years ago; no kit box, no instructions, parts off sprue, etc.  I’ve always had a fondness for this one as I am sure I built one back in the 60s.  I built all of the blue and black plastic 1/48 Monogram Navy kits back then and this kit still has the black plastic parts, so I know its an original.

The kit detail out of the box is actually pretty good.  The raised panel lines are crisp and the detail isn’t over emphasized.  I was worried that from my memory many of these kits were rivet queens.  This one must have been one of Monograms later releases in this genre as it has pretty good detail and no working parts, and the pilot is actually in a cockpit instead of attached to a seat and all glued to a bulkhead.  Here a show of the detail on the wing.


I am coupling this with the Lone Star Kingfisher cockpit resin.  This is a great looking set out of the box, it has detailing for both of the front and rear sections.  Here are some shots of that with the instructions before and after cleanup.  I like to use my trusty belt sander (with the shop vac running to pull resin dust) to clean up the parts quickly and keep the resin dust fairly contained.

IMG_0244   IMG_0247

IMG_0245   IMG_0246


The only trouble with this kit’s setup is that the wing of the kit is connected through the fuselage, a one piece lower wing half; one wing goes into the fuselage from the inside, then you put the other 1/2 of the fuselage over the other 1/2 of the wing and glue the fuselage together.  The Lone Start instructions show you where you have to cut away parts of the wing in order to make the bulkhead and the side panels of the cockpit fit.  It looks like it will also make it pretty tough to paint and detail because the fuselage might have to be put together before you glue in the resin.

IMG_0254   IMG_0252


I have a plan to do some tricks where I will fix one of the wings to it’s fuselage side with epoxy, so the wing is at the right position, cut the wings apart, make a connector between the two wing halves so I can get them back together, and epoxy the other wing 1/2 to it’s fuselage.  That way I can split the halves part and put the resin in and detail it.  I have the first wing epoxied and we’ll get to the rest in ou next episode.

P-61 is complete – first kit of 2015


Actually this should have been the last kit of 2014.  I’ve been working on this kit since August of last year with a long period over the late summer and early fall where it sat idle.

I bought this kit on eBay many moons ago and I found a couple of parts missing.  I’m not saying the seller lost them as this kit has been rattling around in my stash in a rough box without plastic bags for years.  But I had to fabricate one of the small flaps from scratch.

On this kit I used or tried the following (* = first time);

  • *All black camo (I think I painted a P-38 all black in my youth)
  • *Using salt to create paint chipping
  • *Loan Star Models resin cockpit
  • True details wheels
  • *Scalecoat and True-color paints
  • Rescribed the whole thing (resribeaholic)
  • *Kitsworld decals

I can’t believe how big this thing is on my shelf, and putting it next to the Bf-109e I am building really shows it’s size.  It would barely fit in my paint booth.

I wanted to have a Black Widow since I first saw one as a kid.  Great modeling experience – I am satisfied with the result.

IMG_1364  IMG_1365  IMG_1366  IMG_1367


P-61 painting underway


It’s been over four months since I’ve been on here.  The P-61 and Bf-109 I started in the summer took a back seat over the fall to other life things but happy to say been back in the saddle over the holidays!

Using a Lone Star Cockpit (which fits in this kit very nicely) and rescribing all those darn Monogram raised panels I am at the point where I am painting.  I gave it an overall coat of gray primer and I shoot some aluminium over various spots.  I am going to try using salt to show chipping and wear and next the model will get a coat of future, then salt where I sprayed silver, then a few spots will get chromate green, a bit more future, then some more salt, and then try my luck at a multi-hue black paint job.  Interested to see how it works since I have a number of black aircraft in my plan.  Here are a few pictures….


Next a quick update on the Bf-109.

Merry Christmas.


P-61 is underway

The Monogram P-61 is underway.  I’m using the Lone Star Model cockpit set and have most of it cut out and I am test fitting.  So far so good, things look like they fit pretty well.

I had to take a bow out of the kit floor using boiling water and clamping it to a solid flat piece.

I realized tonight I don’t have any interior green so it’s off to the hobby shop tomorrow night.


P-61 started P-61 cockpit 1

Next up – Back in black (and a little desert)

Now that I’ve parked the Constitution for a few weeks..

Inspired by a fellow blogger, who builds multiple kits at the same time, sometimes in the middle of a move, I’ve decided to build at the same time a couple of kits I’ve wanted to build for a while; the Monogram P-61 and a 1/48 Hasegawa Bf-109e in desert markings.


I’ve had the P-61 next to forever.  So long in fact the parts are dusty in the box (how do model parts get dusty in a box?)  I will use the Lone Star Model P-61 cockpit kit with this.  I have wanted a P-61 in the collection for awhile and I have a lot of things to try on this kit; salt weathering, faded black painting, oil dot filter wash on black, etc.

The Bf-109e is a Hasegawa builder I bought off of eBay along with a Verlinden set that was missing the photo etch when I purchased it.  I’m going to challenge myself to make up for the lack of photo etch and do some modeling using the resin parts.

P-61 1  Bf-109e 1

‘Happy building!