F-4D Cockpit work continues

I got the cockpit coaming on the F-4.  I have been amazed at how well a set for the Hasegawa kit fits on the Monogram F-4.  Usually I have to cut fit repeat but this one went on very well.

I checked the fit of the canopies against the installed cockpit and things are looking pretty good there too.

The only issue you can see tonight is the paint applied to the coaming had the nerve to start coming off; that after I painted it dark gull gray, then checked my reference and repainted it engine black.  I took a bit of thinner and a paper towel and carefully took much of the paint off.  I will paint it as again as I finish the fuselage.


Next steps are to do some work on the fuselage seams.  Other then a mismatch and gap on the built in tailhook, even the fuselage went together without any really big issues that need addressing.  And since I rescribed this thing it should be easier to restore the panel lines after sanding the seams.

Till then, keep the glue off your shoe.

Back in the saddle again

After a mostly build-less first quarter I am back to building.  I’ve been working on an Monogram F-4D Phantom that I started many moons ago.

A ways back (before I can remember) I decided to build a Monogram F-4 with a KMC cockpit designed for a Hasegawa kit.  I started by rescribing the fuselage.  As mentioned previously I don’t know what it is that draws me to Monogram kits with raised panel lines and causes me to want to rescribe (when I can by perfectly good kits from other manufactures with etched panel lines).

For those of you in the know, the Monogram kit’s cockpit has the seats integrated into the molds so there has been a lot of hacking of cockpit out of the monogram kit to make the KMC fit.  But I’m getting there!

That coupled with the problem that the Monogram front wheel-well is integral to the bottom of the fuselage and lower wing meant I had to do a bit of carving, filing, and plastic/resin removal to make it all fit.

The KMC set is sweet!  Here are some initial pictures of the cockpit so far.  Still some more detail painting and highlighting and clean-up to be done.


Ah, good to be back!