That’s the number of kits I have on the model shelves.

I needed to condense the models on the shelves so that I could get more on them.  They were also sharing the space with a lot of cat fur and dust so I decided to take the slew of them down, clean them and the shelves, and put them back on the shelves.

I took these photos of the lot parked on the dining room table, cleaned waiting for clean shelves.  I was happy didn’t need to toss any of them.

I built these over about 12 years.  I have one in here that is about 25 years old and a complete set of Monogram 1/48 Century Series fighters.

Kinetic F-21 Completed!

Build #4 for the year is done.  I guess I’m a bit behind my two per month goal but then it’s only a hobby.  I’ll make it up with a couple of 1/72 scale kit I have in the queue.

IMG_0289  IMG_0291  IMG_0290

Learned a number of things with this one;

  • Using Blu-tack to make soft camouflage transitions
  • Color scale effects – colors are FS color lightened 10%
  • Using crappy instructions – it sometimes took me a long time to figure out how a piece went on – main landing gear was the worse

Overall a fun kit to build.  I’d like to thank my lovely bride for the kit for Christmas!  I think this is the earliest I have built one of here gifts after receiving it as opposed to popping it on the stash pile.

I had been looking to build a 1/48 scale version of this aircraft (my favorite scale).  I built a 1/72 scale model of this back in the early 90s as I got back into the hobby (maybe only had a couple of kits in the stash then!), so this was meaningful to me in that respect.  I still have that old Testors kit, here they are together.


The engineering of the main landing gear was pretty complex.  It took me a while and a few views of actual aircraft on the internet before I could figure out how the middle doors went on.

A few more shots to close out.

IMG_0292  IMG_0293  IMG_0288  IMG_0287


And since my son is a Marine, here’s one for him.  The few, the proud, the


Kinetic F-21 on it’s legs

Decalling, subtle weathering, and overcoat be done.  I took the tape off of the windshield and put the gear on her.

IMG_0279 IMG_0280 IMG_0282

I should be able to get the gear finished and gear doors on tomorrow night.  The kits comes with some very intricate gear parts.

Finally I got the kingfisher insides ready for resin and I am starting gluing pieces together.  I had to split the lower wing and glue each half to the fuselage separately so I could start working on this without trying to add cockpit parts to a closed fuselage.


Models on the move

Was able to cut the wing of the kingfisher in half tonight and I am setting up the guide that will keep the other 1/2 of a wing in straight once I epoxy it in over the weekend.  Looking forward to painting and putting resin into the cockpit.  The Lone Star set looks really nice and it should look great once I get it into the kit and painted up.

IMG_0255 IMG_0256

I also am making slow but gradual process on the F-21.  I am adding all of the stencils and the decal count on this goes up to 90 or so with some decals occurring in multiples.  I’m up to 27 now after a couple of quick evenings of decaling.

IMG_0258 IMG_0257

I didn’t use to put ALL of the stencils on the kits but lately I think they busy up the model and give it character.  Something to capture the attention of the eyes (and keep them off my subtle mistakes!)

F-21 final parts before painting

The F-21 is about ready to start painting.  I should be able to get the primer on tonight.


The kit engineering behind the small stabilators on the intakes was interest.

First, these parts are very thin and Kinetic had to figure out how to get these on the model and provide support.  Enter photoetch

IMG_0220  IMG_0221


The stabilators are backed by a photoetch piece above and below.  These were kind of a pain to fold and put on.  I tried to put them on and fold them on a stabilator first, thought was I’d get them on then glue the stabilator onto the kit.  That didn’t work and I wound up pulling it all off and gluing the stabilators on first, then putting the photoetch on.


We will see how this all looks after painting.  Should be a pretty cool paint job with a wrap around.


Kinetic F-21 mostly assembled – seam cleanup on aisle 9

As predicted, once the cockpit was painted and ready for the kit assembly went quick.

IMG_0213 IMG_0211

We are into the putty and seam management phase of the project.  Most the seam of this kit are pretty good.  The covers over the air inlets have been my biggest issue.  I tried putting them together carefully but one of them set up wierd and will require some putty and sanding, I hope I can preserve the detail.

IMG_0200 IMG_0201

That is the worst.  the wings went to the fuselage pretty good.  I used an old trick I learned on the DML Fw-190 kits; you first fit and glue the upper wing pieces to the fuselage and manange that so there are no gaps, then you glue the lower wing unit on and glue the upper and lower wings together.  This give you a better shot at no gaps on the upper wings and the act of stretching the upper wings to attach correctly to the lower wing can pull the fuselage apart ever so slightly and help with the dihedral.

IMG_0211 IMG_0212

I’ve added the milliput putty I use to a few spot.  I mix both parts, use a metal spatula to apply, then smooth with a wet Q-tip and take off any excess.  This works better than plastering the thing up and then sanding for an hour later.


We should be ready for sanding and cleanup tomorrow and start painting moving into the week.  I still have to add the canopy and wing flaps before painting.

As a funny note, I got into a hurry and upon gling the wing I realized I forgot the engine front at the end of the intakes so you can see straight through.  A long brass rod pushed into a hole in the back of the engine face and placed way into the kit fixed that.  Whew!

IMG_0205 IMG_0206


F-21 prepping the small parts

Just a quick check in.  I’m a bit behind in my two model per month goal this year.  I’ve been busy with other things and spring pops early in Oregon so it’s been time to open up the garage and get some of those wood shop things done.

I only finished the F-84 last month, was supposed to finish the F-21 as well but as you can see below, i’ve only just started.

Good news though, as soon as I finish the cockpit “weathering” the rest of the kit should pop together pretty fast.  For an out of the box there isn’t much to do after I get the fuselage and wings together.

I’ve been a bit disappointed with the kit’s detail.  After completing the ProModeler F-84 I was kind of getting used to a great fit and crisp detail.  The detail is pretty soft on this kit and the tires (at least they come in halves) look a lot like the tires in some of the early 60 models I’ve built.  Just lumps of circular plastic with holes for the wheels.  No tread or other features.


Here are some painting shots.  I have started to highlight the cockpit and front wheel well with washes.  Once these are dry, pastels tomorrow night adn we should be able to start putting things together

IMG_0180  IMG_0185

Kinetic F-21 kfir out of the box

Next up after I get done with my F-84 is the Kinetic F-21 kfir.  I’ve always wanted to make a 1/48 scale version of this since I built the 1/72 Testors kit about 25 year ago.  I was just getting back into the hobby and I was working out of my furnace room on a workbench I still use.

IMG_0125   IMG_0126

The lovely bride gave me the kit for Christmas and I am almost doing the unthinkable; building a kit I got for Christmas within a couple of month of Christmas.  Back in the day (I can say that now) when we used to get kits for Christmas we weren’t real modelers unless they were built before Christmas vacation was over, and usually, unless it was a large kit, by the end of Christmas day.

Here are a few shots of the kit and some commentary;

IMG_0096 IMG_0097

The kit will has a cool wrap around camo.  And it’s a Marine jet besides.  You can get an aftermarket set from Furball decals but I like the 3 gray camo in the kit.

IMG_0098 IMG_0099

Decals show that you can build the Israeli version of the kit as well, the Marine decals are actually very small and short in number.  The instructions are going to be a challenge to make sure I don’t miss something.  They are just images and part numbers and are going ot take some study.

IMG_0105 IMG_0102

Kit comes with two different types of upper wing, but only one is used.  There are a lot of nose options in the kits as well that aren’t used, so I suspect other version can be made.

IMG_0111  IMG_0110

IMG_0106  IMG_0108

Detail is okay but looks a little soft.  Not as crisp as the other kits I have been building, but with some good painting and highlighting I think it will be great!

There are two ejection sets in the kit and two instrument panels, leading me to believe other version can be made.

IMG_0112  IMG_0100

The kit comes with some photo etch for what looks like canard bracing and two sets of ordnance, neither of which will be used on the aggressor aircraft.  The pod on the right in the photo shown as sprue “E” is no where to be seen in the instructions (and the clear sprue is also sprue “E”).  Looks like I’m going to have to scrounge or make an ACMI pod.

IMG_0103  IMG_0104

IMG_0107   IMG_0109

Fuselage panel lines are a little soft as well but very detailed.  Should be a fun kit with the 3 gray wrap camo.

Looking forward to getting underway.

Bf-109 done

Completed the Bf-109 today with canopy photo etch and attach and the antenna.  Looks pretty good!

IMG_1407  IMG_1408

So what did I do new or learn from this kit;

  • first time installing an inline engine.  I used a Verlinden set that was missing etch so I had to make up some parts
  • made my own exhausts from flattened copper tubing.  They came out pretty good if not exactly accurate
  • first time painting thin lines with the airbrush.  I enjoyed the Luftwaffe camo, they’re fun
  • dot filters turned out too much green but doesn’t look too bad completed
  • I broke off the flaps and slats on a number of occasions, I’ll add these last next time

Bf exhaust 6  Bf exhaust 1

Over the weekend I think I’ll cobble up a display base for it.  Desert sand shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Next two kits that are on deck.  I’ve actually already started the cockpit of the F-84.  the F-21 was a Christmas gift from the lovely bride!!  (Only 336 days until the next Christmas hobbies)

IMG_1405 IMG_1406