That’s the number of kits I have on the model shelves.

I needed to condense the models on the shelves so that I could get more on them.  They were also sharing the space with a lot of cat fur and dust so I decided to take the slew of them down, clean them and the shelves, and put them back on the shelves.

I took these photos of the lot parked on the dining room table, cleaned waiting for clean shelves.  I was happy didn’t need to toss any of them.

I built these over about 12 years.  I have one in here that is about 25 years old and a complete set of Monogram 1/48 Century Series fighters.

Bf-109 ready for the shelf

Number two is done for the year.  I created a simple display base for it, since I didn’t know what to do with the cowling.  Here are some shots;

IMG_1417  IMG_1415 IMG_1418

The grasses on the side were an experiment to see what they looked like and add some change to the boring single color.  I used model railroad ballast for the desert floor.  After I ran the leftover piece of MDF through the router to give the edge a curve I anchored the grass, put glue around that area and added fake grass, then once that had set more glue and just poured on the ballast.  Pretty simple but adds so much to a finished model (I’ve noted that many of the kits at the local contest that win seem to have display bases attached)

Continued tonight to work on the ProModeler F-84 cockpit.  The kit comes with some nice photo etch for seat straps but gosh they are fiddly and these four straps have used up over one hour of modeling time.


Bf-109 done

Completed the Bf-109 today with canopy photo etch and attach and the antenna.  Looks pretty good!

IMG_1407  IMG_1408

So what did I do new or learn from this kit;

  • first time installing an inline engine.  I used a Verlinden set that was missing etch so I had to make up some parts
  • made my own exhausts from flattened copper tubing.  They came out pretty good if not exactly accurate
  • first time painting thin lines with the airbrush.  I enjoyed the Luftwaffe camo, they’re fun
  • dot filters turned out too much green but doesn’t look too bad completed
  • I broke off the flaps and slats on a number of occasions, I’ll add these last next time

Bf exhaust 6  Bf exhaust 1

Over the weekend I think I’ll cobble up a display base for it.  Desert sand shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Next two kits that are on deck.  I’ve actually already started the cockpit of the F-84.  the F-21 was a Christmas gift from the lovely bride!!  (Only 336 days until the next Christmas hobbies)

IMG_1405 IMG_1406

Weather done, Bf-109 almost finsihed

Last night I put on an oil filter wash.  If you haven’t done this before it produces some very nice color variation on top of your camo.

Start with a coat of future (done in previous posts).  Then put small dots of oil paint color all over the model.  I basically bought a small really cheap starter oil paint sets at a craft store and I have a life time supply of these colors.  I keep experimenting with different colors; on this model I used blue, green, yellow, and white.  As you’ll see in the photos latter it gave the model a real green tint to parts of it.  These colors work well on olive drab but I might try something a bit different next time I use Luftwaffe colors.

Once the dots are on, take a soft brush dipped in mineral spirits and spread the dots out in their area of the model.  As you spread them out you will keep dipping your brush in the spirits and cleaning it off on a paper towel so that you are removing most of the paint.  The idea here is to put a small thin coat of color on a small area of the camouflage and as you move around the model with different colors it will produce subtle color variation in your camo.

IMG_1390 IMG_1391

I then take a paper towel dipped in spirits and wipe down most of the aircraft pulling up as much paint as I can and, by wiping in the direction of the airflow, giving the filter a sense of direction.

Tonight, after the filter had dried for a day, I then used aluminium pain, added some chipping, and then used a number of various brown and gray pastels to basically grub up the aircraft.  After a coat of Testors Dullcoat to lock it all in I have now added most of the other bits.  Tomorrow night I’ll open and complete the canopy and add the antenna and I’ve got a 109 in my collection

IMG_1401 IMG_1398 IMG_1399 IMG_1400

I have also included a side by side of the Hasegawa with an old Monogram 109 I messed around with a few years back.


Years ago the Monogram 109 was the first model I ever put a camouflage on.  I was in 7th grad, bought it with lawn mowing money at a local Ben Franklin, and followed the directions called to paint the bottom of the model gray (green upper surface being the color of the plastic).  I was hooked and still trying new things on plastic.

Thanks for looking!

Bf-109 now with decals/F-84 started

The Bf-109e Trop has decals.  I’ve airbrushed a couple of costs of future and tomorrow will start weathering.  Planning on using washes, filters, pastels, and some fine airbrushing to get it a well worn desert look.  Here the 109 is shiny for the last time…


Next two on the list are the ProModeler F-84 and the Kinetic F-21.  The F-84 because it is in on of the classes of models I want to build (50s jets) and has the same nose art theme (Night Take Off) as the P-61 I just completed.  The F-21 Kfir was a great gift from the Lovely Bride for Christmas and I’ve had a thing for this type as the first kit I built 20 years ago as I came out of my modeling sabbatical was the Testors 1/72 F-21, which I still have on the shelf.

The ProModeler kit is nice out of the box.  Clean scribed lines, okay detail (the detail is a bit better in the Tamiya kit), and very few parts.  It should be a breeze to assemble out of the box and I’m not going to know what to do with my rescribing tools (remember – I am a rescribe-aholic).  Here are some shots;

018a56d3026578d4a3f61d25ef6e7dc45438c1f1ea  015ddff2ed3f96475224c28892197b22d1b21d8e08

Decals are nice plus set of photoetch for a ladder and harness hardware

01d04d599ff2fcaeea225479ca97228ef65c59c621  01c8b70dce8995fef9d9d99f0e0ede6246659a8594

011225bc9c44c509501a0e2d6fd793e85117afd6a0 0168a226248c3e62ee019f29ddea7c05429bdc59fa

ProModeler instructions have pictures of the actual aircraft.  As you can see there are some nice panel lines and a bonus standing pilot in the kit.  I’m looking forward to moving this one along.

Bf-109e Trop is painted (mostly)

Concurrently with the P-61 I have been building a Hasegawa Bf-109e Trop to try out an unusual camouflage.  This is going to be the start of my desert themed 1/48 scale kits.

Paint is on, I have a little bit of touchup to do then this too will be ready for decals.  I think I am going to try decals without Future on this.


For the Dark Green (RLM 71) I found a bottle of ancient Floquil model pints and it was thin enough to airbrush without thinner.  Ah, the days!

This is turning out to be a nice kit and the first aircraft I have built in ages that wasn’t a Monogram 1/48 scale kit that I rescribed the panel lines.  There might be help for me yet!


Bf-109 nearing construction completion

Last August 4th I posted work on an engine for a Hasegawa Bf-109e trop.  Today (Christmas) I cover that over that last four month the kit is almost ready for painting.  And most of that work has happened in the last few weeks.

Funny how life gets in the way of modelling.  Sometimes it’s work, or just being tired when I get home, sometimes its scouting, maybe a trip to Nebraska, sometimes things need to be done around the house and you just can’t seem to make time in the garage for modeling.

I remember when I was a kid you didn’t need to make time for modelling.  Head for the five-and-dime for a $1.00 kit with your lawn mowing money and the kit was more than likely going to be completed before days end.  No filing seems, no rescribing panel lines, no after market goodies, no waiting for paint or glue to dry before going onto the next step, just a tube of testors a box of styrene and me!

But AMS or not I should still be putting in the time for a hobby that I really love.  And so here is another work of love heading into the final stages.

The engine is installed along with a nice cockpit.  I used the Verlinden Bf-109e set I bought from a reseller and it arrived without the photo etch, so I have been trying to make due with the kit parts and the resin from the V-set.  I remember when I was a kid wanting to scratch build an engine for a 1/72 Bf-109 I built but no patience then.  So this has been kind of fun.

IMG_1268 IMG_1267

I’ll paint this is the desert camouflage that came with the kit.  It will be the first of my WWII desert collection.  I like painting German camos and I’m looking forward to getting the airbrush tuned up in the next couple of days.


Hope you all got everything you wanted for Christmas.  My wife and family provided me with a really nice stash this year, guess I better get cracking on some more kits.


Bf-109 engine


It was a quiet weekend.  Kind of hot in the garage.  It doesn’t normally get too hot in Oregon but we get a few weeks where it’s kind of hard to model with sweat in your eyes.

But I managed to get the first coat of interior green on the P-61.

I  started working on the Bf-109 Trop.  I am using a verlinden sets that I only have the resin on and I started the engine.  The engine doesn’t come with any exhaust so I’ve been working on trying to create something.

Bf exhaust 1  Bf exhaust 4

I’m taking copper tube, flattening it on four sides, bending it up a bit, and cutting off the tube in my vise.  I then procede to file it down so that once glued it will angle back a bit.  Here are the steps and results so far.

Bf exhaust 3  Bf exhaust 6 Bf exhaust 2

Still need a bit of cleanup on isle 6 to make them as close to even as I can then test them out on the engine!