Grubbing up the F-84

Well, I managed to get most of the decals on. I normally don’t do stencils but hey, I was on a roll here. A couple of evenings and a decal count in the 80s the bird was ready for weathering (making grubby)


I use a raw umber oil color for what’s fondly called a “sludge wash”. Idea here is to get some color into the panel lines and to break up the monotone of a single color (it will leave residual color). Mix it with turpentine and you have liquid grubby.


I now liberally cover the model with this color, and after it sets a bit, take a clean paper towel and wipe it off in the direction of the airflow.


I usually apply a coat of future before I do this to protect the paint, but the Alclad is tough and can take it. But I forgot that the Model a Master wasn’t and I rubbed off some of the anti-glare panel, and had to re-airbrush it.


Next, some more grunge in the form of pastels