DML Fokker Dr.1

First build started and finished in 2020.  The DML Fokker Dr.1 is a pretty simple build and after the Ju-88 of the previous, quite small in comparison.

The tiny fuselage and cockpit are very simple and went together well.   Although a two sets of photo etch are included in the kit, it is very hard stainless steel and getting the harnesses to bend was difficult.


Before assembly I painted the aircraft in the Fokker streaked pattern.  To do this I painted the whole of the fuselage and wings Vallejo Model Master RML 78.  I don’t know if this is exact but it looked pretty close to the blue I wanted.

After that, a good solid coat of Future floor polish was put on the surfaces and after it dried a few days I used Model Master enamel “Marine Corps Green” to do the streaking.  A wide brush with a bit of paint of which I would dip the paintbrush in odor free mineral spirits and carefully streak the paint.  Too much, the spirits took off the excess.  I was pretty impressed by how easy it was.

Tail plane and places for the decals were then painted, decals on, and we started assembly.  I used the Eagle Strike Fokker Dr.1 Aces (48102) for markings.

The instructions for the top of the middle wing, where all of the guns go, was very unclear.  So I just put things in around where I thought they should go.

Overall a pretty easy stress free build for the first multi-wing aircraft I have built in a long time.