Double (double) Century series

After completing the CF-104 (last summer – many moons have passed) I was inspired to add yet another couple of two seat century series; an F-100F and F-105G, both in Wild Weasel configurations.  Both of these kits gave me the chance to use some old Floquil ‘Nam camouflage paints I have been storing for just this moment.  I’ve had them for 15 plus years!

The Trumpeter F-100F is a wonderful kit, the first Trumpeter kit I have built.

I used the Aires F-100F set for the cockpit and was pretty pleased with the result.  This set wasn’t quite a fiddly as the Backbox F-105G and contained some nice photo etch.  As you can see the pit looks pretty good inside the fuselage shell.


Next up was the venerable Monogram F-105G.  I left the panel lines raised on this one, different from the F-105D I had built earlier in which I rescribed the panels.  The cockpit set was very nicely detailed but was a bit fiddly to add all of the parts.  No photo etch with this set.


Both aircraft were painted with the ‘Nam colors previously described –  freehand.  I am surprised I waited so long to do a ‘Nam camo as these were a staple in my earlier modeling years.  The FLoquil paints were fabulous.  I sure am sorry Testors pulled the plug on them.

F-100F armament comes from two of the Hasegawa sets, and the Monogram kit had it’s own.

A nice couple of 1/48 two seat Century Series to add to my collection.  I now have single-seat F-100 through F-106 and two-seat F-100F, CF-104D, F-105G, and F-110 (Phantom) with an F-106B waiting in the on-deck circle!

Hasegawa CF-104D

I started my next round of century series.  I can’t seem to get away from modeling them in 1/48 scale.  This one step away from the previous run in that it is a two seater, it is NOT a Monogram kit, and it is not in US markings.  Here is a previous view from an earlier post, all Monogram, all single seat 1/48 scale.


For this one I picked a Canadian CF-104D two-seater my bride gave me for a present a few years back.  Many years ago (50ish) I built (more like slapped together) this amazing chrome plated F-104 from Hawk.  It still rests in my mind as one of the turning points in my interest in military aviation; I am still in awe of this aircraft today.


I built this kit in US markings but always thought the red and silver with the old maple leaf markings were something I wanted.  And so here we are.


The kit wasn’t what I would consider up to Hasegawa’s quality.  There were a number of ejection marks not only on landing gear stuff but also on things like the separate rudder and flaps that needed to be sanded.  While fit was pretty good there were a few places that required a bit more effort that I am used to for a shake ‘n bake kit.  No grumbling, just alerting you to the fact you’ll have to do some modeling.

On the other had, the engineering is well thought out and there are separate trees for the dual seat version.

I used the Combat Series TF-104G cockpit.  I’m not sure if it is accurate for the Canadian version but I am in the who cares age of modeling; as long as it looks good and fits those details don’t bother me much.

IMG_2456   IMG_2710

Next up are going to be a Trumpeter F-100F and a Monogram F-105G.  Both done in Nam markings.  I am surprised that none of my completed shelf stock have any of these markings since I was heavy into modeling during that time as a teen.

Here are a couple of parting shots from the build.

IMG_2697   IMG_2699

Happy modeling!



F-4D ready for painting (almost)

Ah some more time to progress.

A few nights back I got some progress made.  I’m building with a young man about 22 years old who was one of my Eagle Scouts when I was scoutmaster of a fairly large troop.  Of the hundreds of young men I have known through scouting he’s the only one who shares my hobby.  He’s going to Colorado after the end of the summer so I’m trying to impart as many concepts as I can and hopefully send him into the world with a greater appreciation for modelling than a tube of glue and a box of styrene.  He’s building a 1/72 B-17 and I’ll try to get a few shots of it as he goes!

On top of the progress made earlier, I’ve primed the model for a last check for issues (and I have a few).  In my haste to get the primer on I realized that I didn’t sand the wing seams after gluing so I will have to go back and touch those up.  But she’s mostly ready for ADC gray.

I don’t know if I mentioned in a previous post but I built all of the Monogram 1/48 scale century series and the F-4 is really an extension of those (F-110).  I’ve been collecting the F-XX series jets 1/48 scale (F-84/86/89/95/96) to continue the line sometime after I get this one done.  Seem to have a passion for rescribing Monogram jets.

Here’s a couple of shots.  I use Alclad Primer now in most cases, with a shot of Mr. Surfacer 500 in some cases (but not on this kit).

prep for paint 1  prep for paint 2

prep for paint 3

Century series is finshed

Finally finished the F-106.  I’ve been working on that for a while and it’s been a couple of years since I started to build all of the Monogram 1/48 Century series.

Here was the goal;


and here is the last of the fighters completed.



But wait there’s more!  I found an old Monogram F-4C in the stash that I’m going to have to build as and F-110A.  But that’s another post.

Happy Modelling.