Fw-190A-8/R-11 engine mounts

The Fw-190 I have been working on since 1997 is now progressing. Writers get writer block; I get new technique block.

My trouble began when I decided to open up this kit to show a full BMW801 engine. I am using the Verlinden Fw-190 detail sets and it’s has all the bells and whistles but the font end is faked. I wanted a full engine. I decided to use the CMK BMW801 engine.

Now that I have opened up the front end, built a bulkhead, covered the top of the DML wheel wells, it’s now time to add the engine.

Engine painted up really nice. Here is the CMK engine almost finished.

Next comes the engine mounts. I have thought about super gluing brass rod together for a time but that just didn’t seem right. I need to learn how to solder brass rod so I went with that approach. Sooner or later I’ll need to know how to do this to scratch build wooden ship models.

I’ll cover soldering brass in the next post.