That’s the number of kits I have on the model shelves.

I needed to condense the models on the shelves so that I could get more on them.  They were also sharing the space with a lot of cat fur and dust so I decided to take the slew of them down, clean them and the shelves, and put them back on the shelves.

I took these photos of the lot parked on the dining room table, cleaned waiting for clean shelves.  I was happy didn’t need to toss any of them.

I built these over about 12 years.  I have one in here that is about 25 years old and a complete set of Monogram 1/48 Century Series fighters.

ProModeler F-84 done!

Finished number 3 for this year. I am now ahead of last years total production by 50% and have added another 50s jet to the shelves.

After spending a few years building Monogram 1/48 Century Jets his was a great kit. It went together perfectly. Well engineered, fit was spot on, detail pretty reasonable. The only problem I had was the decals cracked, not because they were old, but because they just wouldn’t come loose from the backing sheet. But once I learned to soak the bejeezus out of them… well 50+ stencils later.  I’d recommend this kit if your into 50s jets.

Grubbed this one up a bit, even though it has a metal finish I’m sure working birds in Korea weren’t very shinny.  Started with the oil wash described in a previous post and finished up with pastels.  I’m finding I like using them more each kit I build.  Then a coat of Testors Dullcoat.  A well worn workhorse.


IMG_0167 IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0171 IMG_0173 IMG_0174

Check-off the first of my 50s aircraft plan.



F-84 decal challenge

Started decaling the F-84 today.  The first decals were a bust.  I usually try a couple of not really needed decals first to see what I’m up against and I was about ready to throw in the towel.


But being the optimist I am and knowing things could only get better I decided to go all out and try the main markings for under the wing, and they worked!  The stars and bars split a bit putting them on but I found that I needed to apply micro set liberally to keep them moving along.  They also seem to need to be soaked for longer than I am used to.

The USAF in it’s split up configuration for the landing gear door went on better than I anticipated, and the fit around the doors was perfect.  Both decals appear to work well with decal solvent.

IMG_0093   IMG_0094

I’m glad this has gone better.  Everything about this kit has been great so far; the fit, engineering, and instructions.  I have a number of complicated decals to go so here’s hoping for the best.

Finshed painting

Was good to get a few minutes in the garage today.  It’s been such a nice sunny day and being its Valentines Day and all it was good going out with the lovely bride most of the day.  After cooking a great meal it was time to spend some Saturday night time on the bench.

I decided to add some darker aluminium to a few panels.  When I started out my first thought was to do a dozen or so but after I got started I sort of went  “Meh” and only did a few.  I really want to get this one moving along to meet my 2 a month goal this year.

I used parafilm to mask a few panels.  If you don’t know this it’s like a thick saran wrap that needs to be stretched to use, almost a wax.  Once it has been stretched it has amazing sticking properties and it can be cut well with a sharp knife.  Stretch-stick-cut and peel away and you have an area masked for painting.  The panels on the wing were masked with good old masking tape. (Alclad is so nice to mask against.  I remember having NMF paint jobs peel up trying to mask on top of them)

IMG_0082  IMG_0085

I also decided to tackle the olive drab anti-glare panel tonight.  The kit comes with decals for this but they are too shiny.  This needs to be flat.


Next is decaling.  I’m going to be interested in how complex it will be to place the rudder markings and get them to settle down and look painted.  Time will tell.


F-84 primed and ready for NMF

Spent the evening preparing the F-84 for a NMF finish.

First, oversprayed the area I sanded with Mr. Surfacer 1000.  If you’ve never used this it’s sort of a filler for sanding marks and it provides enough surface thickness to fill in light sanded areas.  I then cover the whole aircraft with a thin coat of Alclads grey primer.  As you can see from this shot it does a good job getting the surface ready for the finish; no sanding marks are left

IMG_1437  IMG_1450

If you didn’t have the first picture I’d challenge you to see where that odd side panel was glued in and sanded.

The circular nose intake finished up really well too and the rest of the evening was spent masking the canopy.  This one was a tough one, lots of panels.  It seem this “bubble” canopy has more panels than the P-61 I just finished.  I usually use Parafilm but thought I would try vinyl tape and micro mask this time.

IMG_1451  IMG_1447

Tomorrow a light overall sanding and last surface check then start painting Alclad.

F-84 update – almost ready for paint

Enjoyed my birthday off today.  Although the family will celebrate next weekend my lovely bride bought me a real nifty hand torch.

Now I can do brass soldering with a tiny flame rather than trying to use the big craftsman torch.


I have the wings on the kit.  Another almost perfect fit, just like the fuselage and tail planes.  Cleaning up the seams has been easy.


IMG_1436 IMG_1435

The kit engineering is a bit odd.  The fuselage has these big panels that needed to be glued into the side of the kit; it was almost like they had planned some detail under the panel or were setting this up for an aftermarket set.  The panels fit very well but whatever the reason, I’ve had to go over the panel with some sanding to make sure it conformed to the sides of the aircraft.  I plan to  paint this natural metal and these kind of things will show if they are not correct.

0188422936f068e32ad486d2c8585800e169691385 0129cd42afdbada8a5070a6ba17cccf38e17e62f40 IMG_1437

ProModeler F-84 work continues

The F-84 is progressing and I am getting close to thinking about painting.  Work has progressed well and most of the major components are glued together.  I have to clean up the seams on the wings and then glue them on the fuselage and it’s time for primer.

This kit has gone together great!  After spending a couple of years putting together 1980s Monogram 1/48 scale jets this has been a wonderful build.  Not a spot of putty yet;

  •  fuselage seams were perfect and the panel line actually crossed the seam at the right place
  • horizontal stabilizers went on with no issues or gaps, and at the right dihedral
  • wing seams were spot on too


Only work was the intake nose “ring” where I had to do a bit of positioning and some sanding to blend it in.  It’s just ever so slightly smaller in diameter than the fuselage.  I might be getting spoiled!

IMG_1429  IMG_1430

I’ve also been glueing and cleaning up the rest of the parts so most of the kit is progressing.  As a note I have been trying out MEK for the liquid glue I use.  I ran out of Tenex7, my glue of choice, and the MEK seems to be working quite the same.  This type of glue is great when the seams are well aligned.


Bf-109 done

Completed the Bf-109 today with canopy photo etch and attach and the antenna.  Looks pretty good!

IMG_1407  IMG_1408

So what did I do new or learn from this kit;

  • first time installing an inline engine.  I used a Verlinden set that was missing etch so I had to make up some parts
  • made my own exhausts from flattened copper tubing.  They came out pretty good if not exactly accurate
  • first time painting thin lines with the airbrush.  I enjoyed the Luftwaffe camo, they’re fun
  • dot filters turned out too much green but doesn’t look too bad completed
  • I broke off the flaps and slats on a number of occasions, I’ll add these last next time

Bf exhaust 6  Bf exhaust 1

Over the weekend I think I’ll cobble up a display base for it.  Desert sand shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Next two kits that are on deck.  I’ve actually already started the cockpit of the F-84.  the F-21 was a Christmas gift from the lovely bride!!  (Only 336 days until the next Christmas hobbies)

IMG_1405 IMG_1406

Bf-109 now with decals/F-84 started

The Bf-109e Trop has decals.  I’ve airbrushed a couple of costs of future and tomorrow will start weathering.  Planning on using washes, filters, pastels, and some fine airbrushing to get it a well worn desert look.  Here the 109 is shiny for the last time…


Next two on the list are the ProModeler F-84 and the Kinetic F-21.  The F-84 because it is in on of the classes of models I want to build (50s jets) and has the same nose art theme (Night Take Off) as the P-61 I just completed.  The F-21 Kfir was a great gift from the Lovely Bride for Christmas and I’ve had a thing for this type as the first kit I built 20 years ago as I came out of my modeling sabbatical was the Testors 1/72 F-21, which I still have on the shelf.

The ProModeler kit is nice out of the box.  Clean scribed lines, okay detail (the detail is a bit better in the Tamiya kit), and very few parts.  It should be a breeze to assemble out of the box and I’m not going to know what to do with my rescribing tools (remember – I am a rescribe-aholic).  Here are some shots;

018a56d3026578d4a3f61d25ef6e7dc45438c1f1ea  015ddff2ed3f96475224c28892197b22d1b21d8e08

Decals are nice plus set of photoetch for a ladder and harness hardware

01d04d599ff2fcaeea225479ca97228ef65c59c621  01c8b70dce8995fef9d9d99f0e0ede6246659a8594

011225bc9c44c509501a0e2d6fd793e85117afd6a0 0168a226248c3e62ee019f29ddea7c05429bdc59fa

ProModeler instructions have pictures of the actual aircraft.  As you can see there are some nice panel lines and a bonus standing pilot in the kit.  I’m looking forward to moving this one along.