Monogram TBD-1 Raw Bits

Another old Monogram kit.  I just joined the Monogram group on facebook and wanted to post a few pictures of Monogram kits I have built.  It was then I  realized just how many Monogram kits I have built, recently.  I built ALL of the 1/48 Century series, F-4, F4U-5, P-61, Fw-190, Bf-110 and the list goes on.  I love all of the new high tech kits, they have the detail we only dreamed of 40 years ago, but sitting down with one of the classics is still good.

I started the TBD-1.  Although the detail is not anywhere near the crisp detail of today it’s not too bad, and the kit is engineered to go together pretty well.  I was impressed cleaning up parts for painting that there were very few ejector marks on the visible area I neede to account for.  Pretty clean kit.

It’s going to be a little challenge getting around the rivets and corrugated wing relief but that’s the fun of building an old kit from the box.

Here are a few shots of the kit.