Single seat nightfighters – back in black

Completed three Hasegawa single seat night fighters, all in black; Hawker Hurricane Mk IIc (#Jt164), Spitfire Mk. Vb (#09315), Bf-109E (#09733)

Each was built out of the box with the exception of OWL decals for the Hurricane and 109.

The Bf-109 used a method of micro-mask to simulate chipping wear.

The Spitfire used a method of salt masking to simulate the chipping.

The Hurricane used a method I had not tried before, hairspray, to achieve the chipping.

I will cover the steps used in chipping separate blogs over the next few days.

All kits went together well, each had its areas of fit issues that required filling and sanding.

All kits were assembled at the same time, sanded and filled, and primed.  As discussed later, I tried a new primer out of the can on these builds and I think it delivered a rough undercoat.

I’ll cover the Bf-109 with masking solution next.  Stay tuned.

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