Bf-110 1/72 canopy saga

Spent most of Friday night looking for the Eduard canopy mask set that came with my Profipak Bf-110.  But sadly, I wasn’t able to find it after looking in all the right places.  I’m sure I set it aside for later and now is then, but alas…

So tonight I started down the joyful path of using parafilm and carefully covering the canopy sections and with a very sharp scalpel blade cutting the sections to be painted out.  I have never been able to do this well as in 1/72 scale the eyes, even with the 2.50 glasses, still struggles to get the lines even and straight.  But it is my penance for loosing the masks.

I still have two other bf-110 canopies to go.  I realized that the Monogram canopy is not wide enough, probably because I stuffed an Eduard cockpit into the Monogram kit so time to pull out one of those tricks from yesteryear before perfect kits; I split the canopy and and added a strip of sheet styrene in the middle to widen it.  I had already test fired the Mattel Vacuform (covered in a previous blog) so once sanded smooth I’ll make another thin canopy for the Monogram kit so I can open it up.  I will probably use another old trick; painted cut thin scotch tape for the canopy frames.

Here’s some shot  of the Monogram canopy under rework.

IMG_0824  IMG_0825

I also put my Celluclay into the diorama for the Kingfisher.  Let it dry and add sand, plants, and color tomorrow, then Kingfisher and water.  I have it bolted down to the bench to the board doesn’t warp with the wet clay.


Monogram Kingfisher done (waiting for water)

Finally pushed through the Kingfisher.  Once you get the model basically done it amazes me how much other stuff still needs to get added, painted, attached, etc. until the kits considered done.  And I always forget something (still need to paint the nav light – okay it’s not done!).  Here are some shots.

IMG_0811   IMG_0815

IMG_0816   IMG_0818


The model is in it’s future resting place after I add sand and water to the inside of the diorama box.  But I think I’ll put it aside for a few days and get back to the summer of Messerschmitt.  One Eduard and one Monogram kit are just about ready for painting.  After having to fill and sand the Monogram kit I realized I was going to have to rescribe the fuselage, didn’t quite get away.  I think I can still leave the wings with original raised lines.  I want to see how the two kits compare when completed.

IMG_0820 IMG_0821


The Monogram Kingfisher is mostly done

I’ve been plugging away at this kit.  For a model that took me less than an hour to build when I was 13 it has provided many more hours of hobby time in my later years.

Below are a few shots;

Its been painted, paint chipped, has filter washes applied, white sun beaching wash and streaking, pastels to lighted and darken and add rust, and Testors dull coat.

IMG_0779   IMG_0780

IMG_0781   IMG_0785

All that needs to be done it to vacu-form a thinner rear middle canopy so that I can slide it open inside the monogram one.  At this point, I will put the gun ring and rear gun left to complete, the antenna, and gun sight.  I’m also making a beach base for it to sit in. More on that later.

Took out the old trusty Mattel Vac-u-form tonight.  I think I’ve had this for 50 years and I still use it once in awhile to make thinner canopies.  How it works is you heat up a clear sheet of plastic in the heating chamber and once soft, flip it over the original and start manually pumping a vacuum handle which pulls down the clear over the mold and sucks it down.  The heating element either doesn’t get fully hot enough in the time from of my patience or it’s old so I augment the heating of the plastic with my mini soldering torch to make the plastic softer.

I also vacu-formed the thick clear canopy for the Monogram Bf-110 I am building so it will be thin enough to cut open.

IMG_0789 IMG_0788

IMG_0792  IMG_0790


Kingfisher weathering and old Bf-110 meets new digs

A quick update on the Kingfisher.  After adding paint chipping by hand I added blue/teal/green filter washes over the upper surfaces.  Filter washes as discussed before start with very small dots of oil paint which is then spread around the surface in a small area with turpentine and excess whisked away with a brush.  It breaks up the painted surface.

Here are a few pictures.  Next step is to do the same with small dots of white to fade the upper surface and add a sun weathered appearance.

IMG_0756   IMG_0755

IMG_0754   IMG_0753


Next I have been spending some time taking a cockpit from and Eduard Bf-110 and converting it into a old Monogram Bf-110.  I was amazed how well it fit.  Here is what the cokpit from 1967 would look like if I built the kit almost 50 years ago…


And today I have put the Eduard cockpit into the kit and I am amazed at how well it fit.  I haven’t closed up the Monogram kit yet but will do that later this evening!

IMG_0752 IMG_0757

After this, complete gluing the wings of the Monogram kit to the fuselage and I’ll have two kits to paint black; one modern, one from yesteryear.

Kingfisher update – and the summer of Messerschmitts has begun

It has been over a week since I painted the Kingfisher.  I used the D-Tack blue stuff again on this to create the tri-color soft camo and it seemed to work well.  I may never have to freehand an airbrush job again.

IMG_0644  IMG_0646

The kit is coming right along, and I have started weathering and decaling it.  The decals were few; star and bars, hull number, and a few stenciles.  Looks very simple and elegant.

IMG_0702  IMG_0701


I have parked this one for a bit while I have been working on the three Bf-110s.  I am building two Eduard 1/72 and one Monogram 1/72.  The Monogram one is a kit I bought in 1967.  I have wanted to paint a Bf-110 in all black night fighter camo since I was in middle school.

The first kit is the Eduard  profipack and had all of the color photo etch and masks.  It’s my first time using pre-painted photo etch.  Colors are a little bright but it’s like the D-tack stuff – never have to paint an instrument panel again, and in 1/72 that can be some intricate work. (Not sure I like the photo etched seatbelts either!)

IMG_0710   IMG_0719

IMG_0721   IMG_0723

The kit went together like a dream.  It’s been a long time since I built a 1/72 scale kit and the new technologies are amazing.  Only problem I had was the the top of the wings didn’t quite come up quite high enough which meant I had to do a little filing and fitting.  I’ll see if that is any different on the last Eduard I build (#3)

IMG_0726   IMG_0727   IMG_0730

After completing the first kit, I am going to pull the cockpit parts out of the Eduard #3 kit and put them into the Monogram kit.  I did a bit of a test fit using the cockpit from the first Eduard kit to see how it would look in the Monogram kit.  I needed to Dremel away some plastic in the monogram kit but it looks like I have a possibility to make it work (remember the Monogram kit comes with just a pilot and a few odd things inside, but no cockpit.


The third kit, the other Eduard kit, will get treated to the Eduard Bf-110 Big Sin set which included cockpit, engine, forward gun bay, and wheels.  The set (in 1/72 scale) looks wonderful and intricate.  More photos on that in the coming posts.

IMG_0731  IMG_0736

IMG_0732  IMG_0737