The tail of two cockpits continues

After a couple of days off I went back to work on the ProModeler F4U-5N and Monogram Kingfisher cockpits.

The F4U kit comes with two instrument decals for it’s instrument panel.  I don’t think I’ve seen this done before where you paint the panel black and apply just the white highlights in a decal.  Here is a shot of the other (non-radar) panel decals.


I took the other copy and, using my trusty Waldron punch set, knocked out each instrument and applied them individually to the panel.  Seem to look okay and was better than painting them but might still be lacking that little something.



We’ll have to see how it looks inside the plane.

Started weathering both cockpits; applying a raw umber wash and once dry tomorrow they’ll get pastels and dry brushing.  Looking forward to sealing both kit’s fuselages up as I think the builds will go really fast after that.  (Note the painted kingfisher panel for a different look than the decals!)

IMG_0312 IMG_0313


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