Cockpit Painting for two

The simultaneous build of two kits continues with joint cockpit painting.  Both kits, a Monogram kingfisher, and a ProModeler F4U-5N, have about the same colors so I am creating them together, like painting one big cockpit.

When I do cockpits I use a ton of colors.  This tries to break up a monotone interior greens into some subtle variation that add eye candy to an otherwise drab hole in the aircraft.  Might not be extreemly factual but it looks good to me.  The thing that gets me is all of the colors I use, from all different brands.


The F4U cockpit is a true details set.  I’ve had to be careful because I skipped the step where you wash the resin mold release off and I’ve had a few bits of paint flak off that will need repair later.  I haven’t painted the instruments yet because the ProModeler kit comes with a nice set of instrument decals that I will work with later.


The Kingfisher is so wide open that I’ve had a lot of painting inside the open cockpit.  The Lone Star cockpit set is pretty good and I’ve been slowly working it along a little dab of color at a time.  Both cockpit should be ready for a wash and highlighting tomorrow.  I think once they are done the building part should go pretty quick.  These two are my two March kits and I am a bit behind my goal of two per month.

IMG_0304  IMG_0306

And just a last note; I’ve had this Kingfisher kit since longer than I can remember.  The fact Lone Star made a cockpit for it finally inspired me to do it.  And yesterday I read the announcement of a new tool Kingfisher due out later this year.  Oh well, ya pays your money….

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