Kinetic F-21 Completed!

Build #4 for the year is done.  I guess I’m a bit behind my two per month goal but then it’s only a hobby.  I’ll make it up with a couple of 1/72 scale kit I have in the queue.

IMG_0289  IMG_0291  IMG_0290

Learned a number of things with this one;

  • Using Blu-tack to make soft camouflage transitions
  • Color scale effects – colors are FS color lightened 10%
  • Using crappy instructions – it sometimes took me a long time to figure out how a piece went on – main landing gear was the worse

Overall a fun kit to build.  I’d like to thank my lovely bride for the kit for Christmas!  I think this is the earliest I have built one of here gifts after receiving it as opposed to popping it on the stash pile.

I had been looking to build a 1/48 scale version of this aircraft (my favorite scale).  I built a 1/72 scale model of this back in the early 90s as I got back into the hobby (maybe only had a couple of kits in the stash then!), so this was meaningful to me in that respect.  I still have that old Testors kit, here they are together.


The engineering of the main landing gear was pretty complex.  It took me a while and a few views of actual aircraft on the internet before I could figure out how the middle doors went on.

A few more shots to close out.

IMG_0292  IMG_0293  IMG_0288  IMG_0287


And since my son is a Marine, here’s one for him.  The few, the proud, the


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