ProModeler F4U-5N

While I let the final coat of Future cure on my Kinetic F-21 and the milliput putty to harden on the Kingfisher I thought I’d open up the next kit I will add, a ProModeler F4U-5N.  I’m not sure what set of molds these came from but they don’t look like Tamiya so I am assuming Hasegawa.  Out of the box the sprues look to have pretty nice detail and this should look good out of the box.

IMG_0262  IMG_0264  IMG_0266

IMG_0268  IMG_0269

IMG_0272  IMG_0274  IMG_0267

I plan to use the True Detail set for the cockpit, although the one on the kit doesn’t look too bad.


I plan on using the Aeromaster markings for an all black Marine nightfighter!  It will add another black aircraft to the collection.


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