F-21 final parts before painting

The F-21 is about ready to start painting.  I should be able to get the primer on tonight.


The kit engineering behind the small stabilators on the intakes was interest.

First, these parts are very thin and Kinetic had to figure out how to get these on the model and provide support.  Enter photoetch

IMG_0220  IMG_0221


The stabilators are backed by a photoetch piece above and below.  These were kind of a pain to fold and put on.  I tried to put them on and fold them on a stabilator first, thought was I’d get them on then glue the stabilator onto the kit.  That didn’t work and I wound up pulling it all off and gluing the stabilators on first, then putting the photoetch on.


We will see how this all looks after painting.  Should be a pretty cool paint job with a wrap around.


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