F-21 prepping the small parts

Just a quick check in.  I’m a bit behind in my two model per month goal this year.  I’ve been busy with other things and spring pops early in Oregon so it’s been time to open up the garage and get some of those wood shop things done.

I only finished the F-84 last month, was supposed to finish the F-21 as well but as you can see below, i’ve only just started.

Good news though, as soon as I finish the cockpit “weathering” the rest of the kit should pop together pretty fast.  For an out of the box there isn’t much to do after I get the fuselage and wings together.

I’ve been a bit disappointed with the kit’s detail.  After completing the ProModeler F-84 I was kind of getting used to a great fit and crisp detail.  The detail is pretty soft on this kit and the tires (at least they come in halves) look a lot like the tires in some of the early 60 models I’ve built.  Just lumps of circular plastic with holes for the wheels.  No tread or other features.


Here are some painting shots.  I have started to highlight the cockpit and front wheel well with washes.  Once these are dry, pastels tomorrow night adn we should be able to start putting things together

IMG_0180  IMG_0185

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