Kinetic F-21 kfir out of the box

Next up after I get done with my F-84 is the Kinetic F-21 kfir.  I’ve always wanted to make a 1/48 scale version of this since I built the 1/72 Testors kit about 25 year ago.  I was just getting back into the hobby and I was working out of my furnace room on a workbench I still use.

IMG_0125   IMG_0126

The lovely bride gave me the kit for Christmas and I am almost doing the unthinkable; building a kit I got for Christmas within a couple of month of Christmas.  Back in the day (I can say that now) when we used to get kits for Christmas we weren’t real modelers unless they were built before Christmas vacation was over, and usually, unless it was a large kit, by the end of Christmas day.

Here are a few shots of the kit and some commentary;

IMG_0096 IMG_0097

The kit will has a cool wrap around camo.  And it’s a Marine jet besides.  You can get an aftermarket set from Furball decals but I like the 3 gray camo in the kit.

IMG_0098 IMG_0099

Decals show that you can build the Israeli version of the kit as well, the Marine decals are actually very small and short in number.  The instructions are going to be a challenge to make sure I don’t miss something.  They are just images and part numbers and are going ot take some study.

IMG_0105 IMG_0102

Kit comes with two different types of upper wing, but only one is used.  There are a lot of nose options in the kits as well that aren’t used, so I suspect other version can be made.

IMG_0111  IMG_0110

IMG_0106  IMG_0108

Detail is okay but looks a little soft.  Not as crisp as the other kits I have been building, but with some good painting and highlighting I think it will be great!

There are two ejection sets in the kit and two instrument panels, leading me to believe other version can be made.

IMG_0112  IMG_0100

The kit comes with some photo etch for what looks like canard bracing and two sets of ordnance, neither of which will be used on the aggressor aircraft.  The pod on the right in the photo shown as sprue “E” is no where to be seen in the instructions (and the clear sprue is also sprue “E”).  Looks like I’m going to have to scrounge or make an ACMI pod.

IMG_0103  IMG_0104

IMG_0107   IMG_0109

Fuselage panel lines are a little soft as well but very detailed.  Should be a fun kit with the 3 gray wrap camo.

Looking forward to getting underway.

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