F-84 Silver bird

Been a bit slow in cranking out the plastic over the last few days. It was birthday weekend and I’ve been involved with the family.

I did get the F-84 painted with Alclad grey primer and Alclad aluminum. As you can see in these shots it doesn’t have that real shiny appearance but I don’t think that looks real. By varying the level of primer I use it seems to create a little bit of patchwork silver on the kit, which will take well to weathering later.


I received a new camera for my birthday that has a focal length down to 1cm. These shots are all from it. The only problem with getting close is you can see all your errors (as these bombs will attest)

I hope to add other metal colors to random panels this week and decal by this weekend

One thought on “F-84 Silver bird

  1. Nice job. The metal finish is looking good. I haven’t had the courage to try a metal finish… yet. I am hoping to rectify that situation soon though.
    Can’t wait to see this one finished.

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