F-84 update – almost ready for paint

Enjoyed my birthday off today.  Although the family will celebrate next weekend my lovely bride bought me a real nifty hand torch.

Now I can do brass soldering with a tiny flame rather than trying to use the big craftsman torch.


I have the wings on the kit.  Another almost perfect fit, just like the fuselage and tail planes.  Cleaning up the seams has been easy.


IMG_1436 IMG_1435

The kit engineering is a bit odd.  The fuselage has these big panels that needed to be glued into the side of the kit; it was almost like they had planned some detail under the panel or were setting this up for an aftermarket set.  The panels fit very well but whatever the reason, I’ve had to go over the panel with some sanding to make sure it conformed to the sides of the aircraft.  I plan to  paint this natural metal and these kind of things will show if they are not correct.

0188422936f068e32ad486d2c8585800e169691385 0129cd42afdbada8a5070a6ba17cccf38e17e62f40 IMG_1437

4 thoughts on “F-84 update – almost ready for paint

  1. About the cooking torch, how/where do you apply the flame? ie. are you aiming directly to the piece of solder or simply heating up the entire metal causing it melt the solder. Probably the latter but wouldn’t that hurt the metal itself in return because these torches could be very intense even at the lowest throttle, no?

    Awaiting the next update, hopefully you can share some pix from the brass.Cheers.

    • I hold the brass pieces together and apply flux to the joint. The flux, when heated will take some of the oxidization off the brass and help pull the solder into the joint.

      I then apply the tip of the blue flame to the joint for a half second and then feed in the solder. It all happens pretty fast. The solder will wick into the joint as the flux goes liquid.

      A few of my earlier post show making engine mounts for an Fw-190 out of brass, but I was using a large torch. This small handheld will make the job easier as I can more precisely aim and control the heat!

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