Bf-109 now with decals/F-84 started

The Bf-109e Trop has decals.  I’ve airbrushed a couple of costs of future and tomorrow will start weathering.  Planning on using washes, filters, pastels, and some fine airbrushing to get it a well worn desert look.  Here the 109 is shiny for the last time…


Next two on the list are the ProModeler F-84 and the Kinetic F-21.  The F-84 because it is in on of the classes of models I want to build (50s jets) and has the same nose art theme (Night Take Off) as the P-61 I just completed.  The F-21 Kfir was a great gift from the Lovely Bride for Christmas and I’ve had a thing for this type as the first kit I built 20 years ago as I came out of my modeling sabbatical was the Testors 1/72 F-21, which I still have on the shelf.

The ProModeler kit is nice out of the box.  Clean scribed lines, okay detail (the detail is a bit better in the Tamiya kit), and very few parts.  It should be a breeze to assemble out of the box and I’m not going to know what to do with my rescribing tools (remember – I am a rescribe-aholic).  Here are some shots;

018a56d3026578d4a3f61d25ef6e7dc45438c1f1ea  015ddff2ed3f96475224c28892197b22d1b21d8e08

Decals are nice plus set of photoetch for a ladder and harness hardware

01d04d599ff2fcaeea225479ca97228ef65c59c621  01c8b70dce8995fef9d9d99f0e0ede6246659a8594

011225bc9c44c509501a0e2d6fd793e85117afd6a0 0168a226248c3e62ee019f29ddea7c05429bdc59fa

ProModeler instructions have pictures of the actual aircraft.  As you can see there are some nice panel lines and a bonus standing pilot in the kit.  I’m looking forward to moving this one along.

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