Salted P-61

I spent some time today adding salt to a P-61.  It really turned out quite easy to add the salt.  I even skipped the task of applying future first so we will see how this goes.

I made a bowl of water with a one drop of dish detergent.  With a soft brush I applied a bit of water to the model in a number of spots in one area then sprinkled Kosher salt onto area and it stuck to the water.  The dish detergent helped as the water didn’t beadup but went nicely where the brush was.

I then shook off the rest of the salt and here are the results;

IMG_1336    IMG_1339

IMG_1340    IMG_1341

Before I start spraying the black camouflage I’ll take a brush and pop some of the heaver salt applications off.

Stay tuned

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