Bf-109 engine


It was a quiet weekend.  Kind of hot in the garage.  It doesn’t normally get too hot in Oregon but we get a few weeks where it’s kind of hard to model with sweat in your eyes.

But I managed to get the first coat of interior green on the P-61.

I  started working on the Bf-109 Trop.  I am using a verlinden sets that I only have the resin on and I started the engine.  The engine doesn’t come with any exhaust so I’ve been working on trying to create something.

Bf exhaust 1  Bf exhaust 4

I’m taking copper tube, flattening it on four sides, bending it up a bit, and cutting off the tube in my vise.  I then procede to file it down so that once glued it will angle back a bit.  Here are the steps and results so far.

Bf exhaust 3  Bf exhaust 6 Bf exhaust 2

Still need a bit of cleanup on isle 6 to make them as close to even as I can then test them out on the engine!