P-61 is underway

The Monogram P-61 is underway.  I’m using the Lone Star Model cockpit set and have most of it cut out and I am test fitting.  So far so good, things look like they fit pretty well.

I had to take a bow out of the kit floor using boiling water and clamping it to a solid flat piece.

I realized tonight I don’t have any interior green so it’s off to the hobby shop tomorrow night.


P-61 started P-61 cockpit 1

2 thoughts on “P-61 is underway

  1. I have one of these in the stash I need to get to. I built one many years ago as a kid and didn’t do so good. It was a mess! 😛

    • I have a number of kits in my memory that didn’t turn our so good. But I also find that if you seek perfection you will never finish anything! I’ve been looking at this kit for years and always wanted a P-61 so off we go. It’s old enough the parts didn’t even come in a plastic bag.

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