F-4D is done!

Be still my heart.  The first model completed this year (and I have actually had it started for years).

A quick recap;

  • Monogram “Hi-Tech” F-4C/D
  • used KMC cockpit for Hasegawa kit: this was a bit of a struggle and the photoetch for canopy just didn’t fit
  • finished in ADC gray so I can add it to my Century Series 1/48 Monogram collection
  • used Speed Hunter Graphics F-4 National Guard decals.  Very thin, in register, colorful, but I had a hard time with the long decals

This sat on the shelf for a few years while I psyched up to work the resin cockpit set into the kit.  I finally found the compromise and it looks great.

Here are some finished shots….

f-4d done   f-4d done back

Next on the list;

  • Monogram B-58 (I’m a Monogram rescribe-a-holic, if I do it I’ll just have to rescribe), or
  • a Monogram 1/72 Bf-110e and and Eduard Bf-110e built together.  I’ll use the Eduard cockpit from the kit and modify it into the Monogram model as I have a Big Sin set for the Eduard kit, or
  • Eduard Fw-190A-8 with a DML Ta-152C in 1/48, or
  • Keep progressing on the Revell Constitution I am rigging

I’ve got the 4th weekend to think about it!

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