F-4D rounding 3rd for home

After weathering the build I have started gluing the rest of the parts.  This is the technical part of the model.

No longer putting large parts together this stage require being finicky; landing gear straight, both stabilizers at the right angle, gear doors attached carefully and at the right spot.  A lot of slow but steady.

Here’s a couple of shots of the F-4.  Trying to finish it this week so I can get onto another model that’s in process!

on legs 2    front view

on legs 1

F-4D time to gruby her up

I can’t build a model with pristine paint job.  Ever since I read the one of the Verlinden way book I have gravitated to a burnt umber highlight and wash for almost all of the lits I build.

I have a tube of the color in oil that has lasted me countless weathering sessions.  Sometime I’ll use oil dot filters but that’s another post.

The technique is to make a wash of burnt oil and odorless  turpenoid, run it pretty thin around the aircraft, mostly along the panel lines and details, let it dry and then wipe it off with a paper towel soaked in a little more turpenoid.  You then wipe off the model of mostly ALL of the  wash and stroke it in the direction of the airflow.  Not only does this get in the cracks and highlight them but it also put think brown filer across the paint job.

You can’t really see the filter but it’s subtle enough to slightly change the surface reflectivity and make the model monotone color break up. It also makes the model look a bit more “grubbed” up, not brand spanking new.

Here are a couple of in process shots.

Getting real close to assembly and finish! F-4D weathering 1      F-4D weathering 2

F-4D big decals on

I’ve actually been working on this kit daily for the last few days.  At least three.  I can’t remember the last time I had that many consecutive days.

The main decals are on.  I’m using the Speed Hunter ANG F-4 decals and they are great!  So good and thin in fact that I trashed one of the U.S. Air Force decals and had to get a couple of spares out of the box.

But they are coming right along!  And they look pretty good.

Next is the plethora of stencils.  I usually blow by these but I’ve seen so many F-4s with stencils I’ll work on them until I can’t take it anymore.

Here’s a few shots.

decal 1 decal 2 decal 3

ADC on F-4D

The Phantom is painted.  I used Model Master Aircraft Gray with it’s own airbrush thinner.  I usually use lacquer thinner with model master but discovered a can of the model master thinner digging around that I didn’t remember I had.  I think the results came out pretty good as the paint seem glossy enough to decal without the usual coat of future.

I discover a lot of things sometimes digging around I forgot I had.  I gather things here and there that I find and pack them away thinking I’m going to use them for something then forget I ever have them.

The Monogram F-4D is ready for decals.  I’m using the new Speed Hunter decals with the Oregon ANG scheme.  I’m looking forward to seeing how they perform.


f-4d painted

Till next time….

F-4D ready for painting (almost)

Ah some more time to progress.

A few nights back I got some progress made.  I’m building with a young man about 22 years old who was one of my Eagle Scouts when I was scoutmaster of a fairly large troop.  Of the hundreds of young men I have known through scouting he’s the only one who shares my hobby.  He’s going to Colorado after the end of the summer so I’m trying to impart as many concepts as I can and hopefully send him into the world with a greater appreciation for modelling than a tube of glue and a box of styrene.  He’s building a 1/72 B-17 and I’ll try to get a few shots of it as he goes!

On top of the progress made earlier, I’ve primed the model for a last check for issues (and I have a few).  In my haste to get the primer on I realized that I didn’t sand the wing seams after gluing so I will have to go back and touch those up.  But she’s mostly ready for ADC gray.

I don’t know if I mentioned in a previous post but I built all of the Monogram 1/48 scale century series and the F-4 is really an extension of those (F-110).  I’ve been collecting the F-XX series jets 1/48 scale (F-84/86/89/95/96) to continue the line sometime after I get this one done.  Seem to have a passion for rescribing Monogram jets.

Here’s a couple of shots.  I use Alclad Primer now in most cases, with a shot of Mr. Surfacer 500 in some cases (but not on this kit).

prep for paint 1  prep for paint 2

prep for paint 3

Monogram F-4 progress

Cockpit is almost done, working on the canopy fit, seams filled up nicely on the nose and I have painted it black. I used the new TruColor line of pints here for the first time and they cover well without thinning.

TruColor is supposed to be a replacement for my old Floquil line and the first try with black was good.


Next are the inlets I have been working to fair into the model. Starboard side looks good but I see I have some more putty to make for the port intake.



Rear end is painted Alcad dark aluminum in prep for eventual painting. Seams look good here as well.


Thanks for checking in. Got to keep reducing the universe’s entropy one glue joint at a time.