F-4D fuselage sealed up

Greetings fellow glue jockeys!

Last post I was working on the cockpit and today I succeeded in convincing the KMC cockpit for Hasegawa to fit into a monogram fuselage.  It doesn’t look too bad.



With me, almost every step in modeling is another opportunity to do something that you don’t realize will happen, and today was no exception.

I thought, once I got it in, that I needed to put some extra super glue inside the fuselage to hold the cockpit better, so I lined up the really runny stuff and gave the bottle a squirt in the the recesses I thought would hold it.  A few minutes later I observe what looked like smoke coming off the back of the plane.  Now I know a Phantom was known as quite a smoker but I didn’t even have the engines in yet.

I appears that I dumped a bit of excess super glue inside the kit and it was dripping out the back of the model and smoking as the large super glue leak cured.  Other than the super glue
icicle” I had to cut off the back of the model, no worse for wear or tear.

Next stop finishing the cockpit top liner and the upper rear instrument panel wiring and attachment.

Keep the glue off your shoe!

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