F-106 spare wheel

The F-106 kit I am building was purchased many moons ago (over 20 years).  There was a black “X” on the side of the box which means the hobby store in Champaign, Il where I bought it was giving me a discount because the kit was “returned”.  Up until the last day or two I thought that was because the top of the tail on one of the sides was broke.  And I fixed that with some of my favorite putty, Milliput.

However, looking though the box of my half built kit i discovered it was missing one of the front wheels.  In the past I would have either put the kit back on the shelf of no tomorrows or found some old ugly wheels in the spares box.  However, my recent playing around with resin casting proved to save the day!

I had to build the RTV molds twice.  Learned that PAM cooking spray does not work as a mold release for RTV.  After a trip the the hobby store for mold release I made the following mold.



After cutting a pour cavity into the mold I cast the wheel.  It took me a couple of tries as the resin is getting a little older and doesn’t pour as thinly as it did a little ways back.

But the end result after I clean it up a bit should be passable for the kit.

Happy Hobbies!

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