F-106 underway

With the busy summer drawing to a close it’s time to start building. I’ve put the Fw-190 away for a bit (I’ve been working on that kit for over 10 years) and decided to get out something off the to-do pile.

A few years back I decided to build all of the Monogram 1/48 scale Century Series fighters, the cools jets of my youth. This F-106 is the last of this build.


The kit is consistent with the all the others of the series; fine raised panel lines, great detail, some fit problems, detailed cockpit and wheel-wells, and bright decals. Here are some photos of the project underway. Note that I am closing up the finely detailed missile and wind power turbine bays as I don’t want all of that hanging out the bottom. Some work involved filing in the seams for these.


My plans are to interleave this with the continuation of the rigging of my Revell Constitution. More on that later.

Happy Hobbies!


2 thoughts on “F-106 underway

  1. That gen of Monogram kits were all nice. I don’t know how many 104’s I built as a kid. I’m interested in seeing your Constitution too.

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