First Modelling Post

Greetings and welcome.  If you are looking for the two legged modeling blogs this is not it.  This blog is devoted to building scale models of aircraft, ships, and military vehicles.

I have been building models since my Dad first let me put together a Revell B-47 kit in the 1960s.  Although my work is spotty due to family, work, and volunteering (Boy Scouts) I manage to get a few done each year.  I’d like to talk about that here.

I frequent three modeling blogs on a regular (almost daily) basis;

on a daily basis.  I find their post easy to ready and they cover a wide gamut of topics.  I even use Hyperscale to buy and sell kits from time to time.

I am currently working on;

1/48 DML Fw-190A-8/R11 Nightfighter – I have had this kit started since 1997 and have been trying to figure out how to open up the engine compartment and put a  CMK BMW801 engine into the kit.  It is my drive right now to get it done

1/96 Revell Consitution – Of all of the kits I have built in my life, I love the Revell large scale ship models.  I have the foremast on this and I am rigging the ratlines by hand with real wooden deadeyes instead of using the cheesy ones that come pre-made in the kit.  Stopped working on this to go back the the Fw-190.

1/64 Mamoli Marseille wooden ship kit – I have the hull frames put together and hope to get to planking the hull soon.  It is my eventual goal to scratch build a couple of wooden ship kits from plans I have.  This kit and the Revell’s have prepared my for the jest of sailing ship modelling.

I’ll take on the Fw-190 here next

That’s all and happy modelling.

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